Exploring the Drivers of Fragmented Loyalty in Financial Services

A decade ago, banking was heavily centralized. Customers entrusted the majority of their wealth and financial activities to a single financial institution. Today, as digital banking surges, people are diversifying their portfolios with fragmented financial behavior, challenging retail banks to keep up in a market saturated with startup fintech services. What are the drivers of this switching […]

Implementing Closed-loop Customer Feedback for Empathy-driven Product Development

According to research from PWC, 86% of customers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience. But how customer experience is analyzed, understood, and improved upon can vary greatly from business to business. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for an effective customer feedback program, but there are some specific systems and processes that […]

Expect the Unexpected: Mastering the Discipline of Strategic Foresight

As we enter this new year, business leaders everywhere are eager to transform their organizations knowing that recovery may be difficult. Some of what we knew before COVID-19 may never be relevant again. This uncertainty in the global and economic marketplace makes strategic planning challenging than ever before. In this panel conversation, moderated by Fuel […]

The 2020 Tech Effect: How CPG Can Take Advantage of New Research Platforms

For years, media and entertainment organizations have been running research on video content, both on and offline. However, changes brought on by COVID-19 have fueled innovation in online research and top researchers are upgrading their content analysis techniques, capturing new and necessary insights to optimize their creative. As research involves more technology, there can be […]

Setting the Stage for Agile Research in 2021

In a survey Fuel Cycle ran this year, 83% of corporate researchers reported they expect to be doing most or all their research online in the next 12 months. Meanwhile, SurveyMonkey research found that 47% of market research pros plan to increase their usage of DIY research solutions, compared with only 27% who plan to […]

Agile Market Research: Mindset or Method?

“Agile” is not a foreign term. In fact, it’s such a hot topic that we may be growing desensitized to its original definition, which is simply, “the ability to move quickly and easily.” When most people think of qualitative research, they don’t think “quick” or “easy.” But as technology enables greater speed, all business units are pressured to keep up by adopting agile methodologies and incorporating them […]

Accelerating Qualitative User Experience Research with Machine Learning

How can user experience researchers adapt to the onslaught of insights needs coming from their business? Watch this webinar for an action packed discussion on how digital solutions and machine learning can help them adapt to the growth in user experience demand, drive value, and accelerate decision making with machine learning. Fuel CycleThe first insights […]

The Power of Centralizing Technology to Align Stakeholders and Win Customer Trust

The past decade brought many of the tools we use today to establish connection with our customers. In the next year, not only will technology-facilitated collaboration with customers become more vital, but access to tools that forge internal bonds within organizations will become the major differentiator for those that thrive above others. In this conversation […]