The Power of Continuous Research and Community to Fuel Innovation

Market research is an essential component in developing successful digital, product, and brand experiences. Not only does a strategic approach to market research yield valuable insights, but it can also provide the framework for data-backed decision-making every step of the way.  Continuous research, specifically, is the insights engine that sits at the very center of the agile development process for some of the world’s most innovative brands. Gone are the days when a quarterly tracker survey sufficed. To keep pace with today’s continuously evolving market, […]

The Intersection of Market Research and UX

Recent global contextual shifts have created a surge in digital interactions. Customers are migrating to the convenience of online experiences and are increasingly unforgiving to digital products that can’t keep up. While market research insights certainly hold a place in digital product development, UX research is key to maintaining a seamless user experience and thus improving usability and retention.  Hear Fuel Cycle’s VP of Product Marketing, Partick […]

What Venture Capital Can Teach Us About the Future of Market Research

Between the future of Market Research and the current landscape of leading companies are a batch of new venture backed businesses that are looking to redefine the industry. This session will explore the new companies that have been backed by venture dollars between the pre-seed to Series A phase, which should give us a glimpse […]

Untapped Potential: Listening Analytics & VoC in Corporate Strategy

This past year has taught us that customer behavior is never a given. As global context shifted, so did shopping behaviors, leaving some organizations scrambling to collect and integrate insights into their strategy. We’ve seen a surge in Voice of the Customer (VoC) programs, utilized to dive into the minds of customers so that businesses […]

How market research technology helps in customer-centricity

Fuel Cycle CPO, Rick Kelly joined Voxpopme VP of Marketing, Jenn Vogel on “Reel Talk: The Customer Insights Show” to discuss how market research technology helps in customer centricity. In this conversation, Jenn and Rick dive into questions about the market research industry’s ability to adapt to increased demands on speed, accuracy, and project volume, […]

Accelerating UX Research with Agile Technology

Meet the newest additions to Fuel Cycle’s agile research toolkit: Ignition and Live. Designed with UX researchers and digital product managers in mind, these purpose-built solutions drive agile insights throughout the innovation lifecycle for fast-moving product teams.

How Technology is Driving Advances in Strategic Leadership

Strategic leadership is key – if done right. With the continued push for speed and cost-effectiveness, top strategic decision-makers are turning to technology. Technology enables leaders to make data-backed decisions with the accuracy and speed required in our ever-changing environment. And things will only keep evolving in this direction. This session will explore why strategic […]

Exploring the Drivers of Fragmented Loyalty in Financial Services

A decade ago, banking was heavily centralized. Customers entrusted the majority of their wealth and financial activities to a single financial institution. Today, as digital banking surges, people are diversifying their portfolios with fragmented financial behavior, challenging retail banks to keep up in a market saturated with startup fintech services. What are the drivers of this switching […]

Implementing Closed-loop Customer Feedback for Empathy-driven Product Development

According to research from PWC, 86% of customers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience. But how customer experience is analyzed, understood, and improved upon can vary greatly from business to business. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for an effective customer feedback program, but there are some specific systems and processes that […]