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The Radical Shift of Consumerism in CPG

The sheer magnitude of change and uncertainty in the CPG industry requires an agile operational model that keeps pace with customer needs and expectations. From in-home usage testing to concept testing, CPG companies have an urgent need to scale their research and aggregate a consistent stream of customer feedback into an actionable decision-making process.

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Traditional growth models for the CPG industry have come to a near standstill over the last decade. Amazon, Walmart, and discounters like Trader Joes have completely overtaken the market share, leaving CPG companies to renegotiate their distribution channels and heavily leverage their relationships with consumers—who no longer exclusively buy from big-name brands and expect a diverse array of product offerings.

The Problem

The evolved buying preferences of consumers over the last twenty years has fundamentally changed the CPG industry, and there is no clear solution. Succeeding in a volatile market requires a multi-layered market research plan where a consistent stream of customer intelligence is flowing to inform product, supply chains, and branding.

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  • Consumers are overall less loyal to brands
  • Consumers expect a wide-variety of product offerings
  • Millennials, the biggest buying generation, are drawn to deal and discount. 
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  • Retailers are under more and more pressure to compete with offline platforms
  • As home-delivery costs less, retailers are forced to compete with e-commerce
  • Product and innovation cycles are in constant flux undermining distribution flow
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  • Discounters have slowly taken a large share of the consumer product good market
  • Smaller competitors are starting to capture an appealing consumer niche in the market
  • The online market is supply driven offering low to free shipping and easy returns

The Fuel Cycle Solution

Through the Fuel Cycle Research Cloud, Consumer Packaged Good Companies can leverage the best research solutions that the market has to offer under one roof. Fuel Cycle is on a mission to ensure that businesses no longer have to rely on one-off, expensive research projects and instead replace them with instant and exact customer insights. This is accomplished through online communities, panels, and personalized research tools among many other platform capabilities. 

Support product development strategy through concept tests, focus groups, in-home usages tests, and much more.

Discover new trends and deepen customer relationships through consistent engagement with your targeted customer base.

Make diary studies and IHUTs easy to complete to inform product development through every stage.

Go into deep analysis and customer segments to hyper-personalize marketing messages and inform all areas of business.

Dive into shopper behavior with video IDIs, geolocation, virtual shelf testing and more.


Through the Fuel Cycle Research Solution, CPG companies can conduct the perfect blend of research studies to fit the goals and needs of their organization. Detailed below are some tried and tested methodologies that work best for Fuel Cycle’s CPG clients—each study can be launched in a matter of minutes, and clients can receive same-day results

Brand loyalty is the biggest determining factor of a company’s long-term success. Brands need a reliable way to measure and understand changes in brand affinity over time.
  • Rewards offering
  • Product reviews
  • Loyalty customer connections
  • Social promotions
  • Customer support
  • Insider access to brand information

Brands need to reliably measure the potential viability of products and concepts, as well as test their market potential before investing in development efforts.

  • Monadic testing
  • Reaction testing
  • Adoption testing
  • Migration testing
  • Segmentation analysis

Brands need an accurate and reliable way to test and measure if their product is ready for the perfect launch throughout every stage of the development phase.

  • Diary studies
  • Video/photo diaries
  • Pre and post-test evaluation
  • Surveys
  • Discussions

Brands need a reliable way to measure price sensitivity in the market before making important business decisions.

  • Discrete choice
  • Van Westendorp Sensitivity Meter
  • Max diff
  • Monadic testing
  • Paired testing 

Brands need a reliable way to measure and understand changes in brand perception over time, as well as how they compare to competitors.

  • Brand funnel
  • Brand personality testing
  • Competitive benchmarking
  • Real-time feedback from engaged customers


Fuel Cycle in Action

Each of Fuel Cycle’s clients has unique business goals and needs. This case study is an example of a research study one of Fuel Cycle’s CPG clients conducted on the platform and highlights how clients use their consumer insights to lead in a fast-moving market. 

the business problem

A CPG company launched a product that was losing ground to competitive products. The company wanted to understand better which features would drive consumer purchase and satisfaction, and how they could win sales over their biggest competitors.

A Live Chat with community members was launched. Initial discussions with consumers revealed feature-rich capabilities of competitive products drove consumer satisfaction.

48 features were measured on desirability and purchase intent. The study revealed which features would drive switching among current consumers and which features induced category considerers to try the product.

Discussions over Discussion Boards followed the Kano Model survey for additional context as to why consumers preferred specific features over others.

The client found key drivers differed significantly among current category users and category considerers. The client shifted their current product strategy from one product that served the needs of both considerers to a two-product offering—one that appealed to the considerers and one that appealed to its current users. The client gained 7% retail share in this new product category over the course of two years—generating millions of dollars in revenue.

Fuel Cycle Exchange

Here are a few of our partners who provide richer insights catered specifically to your business needs:

Consensus Point

Use the collective wisdom of your community to predict the future success of concepts and consumer trends.


Gather rich customer feedback by using technology that analyzes and segments qualitative data on a large scale.

fc geolocation

With Fuel Cycle’s geolocation capabilities you can capture in-the-moment and in-store insights through location-based surveys and studies.


Use the power of automated video analysis to gather nuanced and rich detail on your product and brand.