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What is the objective of a market research online community?

In the age of constant market disruption, business leaders have found that their greatest competitive strategy is to have a direct relationship with their most valuable asset, their customers. A market research online community serves to gather a group of trusted customers who have willingly opted in to engage in research activities including quantitative and qualitative studies on an ongoing basis.

Fuel Cycle Market Research Online Community Platform

A market research online community leverages various research tools and methodologies while enabling a seamless experience for participants. Respondents can access research activities while they are on the go through a mobile device, an app, or in the comfort of their homes. While a crop of agile solutions has allowed for a surge of quantitative studies, market research online community platforms merge together the best quantitative and qualitative solutions so that businesses can aggregate the most complete picture of the customer.   

Advantages of Online Communities

The advantages of leveraging an online community platform are mutually beneficial for both the business and the consumer.

AN MROC Allows For Businesses To:
  • Conduct fast and efficient research
  • Gather holistic and in-depth responses
  • Connect all your customer data on one platform
  • Launch and receive same day survey results
  • Interact with participants on an intimate level
  • Collect both quantitative and qualitative data
  • Gather long-term data on the same participants
  • Access to all audience types for easy segmentation
  • Benchmark customer and non-customer data
  • Doing research with retained audiences
And Customers to:
  • Participate in the most relevant research projects
  • Outlet for the customer to provide feedback
  • Interface with likeminded brand advocates
  • Have a hub to learn and discover more about the brand
  • See their feedback implemented into products
  • Receive participation incentives and discounts

The Online Community Approach in Market Research

Fuel Cycle Market Research Online Community Icon: Diary studies
Diary Studies

Photo and Video Uploads

Fuel Cycle Market Research Online Community Icon: Member forums
Member Forums

Crowdsource Ideas

Fuel Cycle Market Research Online Community Icon: live chats
Live Chats

Realtime chat-based discussions

Fuel Cycle Market Research Online Community Icon: quick polls
Quick Polls

Quick Polls

Fuel Cycle Market Research Online Community Icon: Surveys

Survey Agnostic

Fuel Cycle Market Research Online Community Icon: discussions


The Fuel Cycle Community Unique Features

Fuel Cycle Homepage: Market Research Online Community


Mobile Responsive

  • Mobile App

FC Live

  • One-on-One Interviews
  • Focus Groups
  • Moderated usability testing
  • Screenshare 

Simple Communication Tools

  • Built in email creation
  • Push notifications (mobile)

Qual Reporting

  • Automated coding
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Image intelligence

FCX Marketplace

  • Research Automation
  • Video Research
  • System 1
  • Prediction Markets
  • Geolocation
  • Large-scale Qual

FCX Analytics

The Types of Online Communities

Fuel Cycle Market Research Online Community Icon: Short Term
Pop-up or short-term communities:

These communities are inherently meant to be short-term and designed to be quick, agile, and cost-efficient. Projects can run anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 months and anywhere from 50-250 people can be on call if needed. 

Fuel Cycle Market Research Online Community Icon: continuous

Continuous online communities

This type of community is meant for ongoing and longitudinal studies with a core group of brand consumers. These types of communities can retain anywhere from hundreds of customers to thousands and typically run on an annual contract.

What’s the Best MROC for You?

Not every market research online community is built the same. Here are a few things to consider when choosing the correct research solution for your business needs.

  • Delivers a Seamless and Engaging Respondent Experience
  • Focuses on a Mobile-first Approach
  • Offers a Mix of Qual and Quant Research Capabilities
  • Supports the best Tools & API Integrations
  • Streamlined Back-end Reporting
  • Robust Member Management Services and Functionality
  • Flexible Service Model Options
  • Automated and Diverse Incentive Programs
  • Transparent Cost Structure
  • Easily scalable to fit every audience need and type
  • Highly Customizable to Brand Guidelines
  • 24/7 Support
  • Merges and consolidates multiple customer data sources
  • Enterprise-Grade Privacy and Security
    • GDPR
    • California Consumer Privacy Act Ready
    • Robust PII Management
    • EU-US Privacy Shield Certified
    • Swiss-US Privacy Shield Certified
  • Reliable and convenient access to desired respondents
    • Easy Segmentation

Not every market research online community is built the same.

Here are a few things to consider when deciding to onboard a MROC vendor: 

  • Having a quota and sticking by it
  • Ensuring onboarding goes smoothly
  • Encouraging participation and boosting engagement
  • Choosing the right software
  • Increasing engagement